"Lost" Art Hidden in a Planter

Members of the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild do many things throughout the year to give back to the community while engaging residents in the joys of being creative. The Guild’s newest project is called “Lost” and Found Art, which involves leaving original art in random places for people to find and keep—just for the fun of it.

“This is a volunteer effort where our members can leave their artwork in public places like churches, parking lots, restaurants, libraries, bus waiting areas, or even on golf carts at SaddleBrooke,” explained Karen Brungardt, Guild president. “Each piece of art is protected in a plastic sleeve, and includes a written note identifying the Guild and giving the finder instructions on how to let us know when it is found.”

The insert is titled “Just to brighten your day!” It continues, “A SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild artist ‘lost’ this art—on purpose—for YOU to find and bring a ray of sunshine your way. What will you do with it? Frame it? Give it away? Leave it for others to find? Please send us an email and photo, tell us where you found it, and anything else you would like to mention.”

It took just days from losing the first piece of art for an email to arrive from the finder! Here’s the edited version: “Wow, I am at a loss for words. This is such a wonderful thing to do. Please keep it up. Our daughter (age nine) found this on her way to go give a neighbor a baked treat. She was over the moon when she found it. She’s not going to keep it. She’s going to give it to her friend. Thank you once more for doing this.”

Keep your eyes open for “Lost” Art…and for more news and classes from the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild, visit saddlebrookefinearts.org.

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