Have you ever noticed when strangers get together

conversation just seems to bog down under the pressure—

there are awkward pauses and moments of nothing said,

not lively discussion, but a deafening silence instead.

Then you come out with that first glass of wine…

conversation drifts as to whether you’d rate it a 10 or a 9.

Finally, you have something to talk about, white or red,

and you start to get that relaxed feeling in your head.

You talk about the vineyard and the pleasant bouquet,

the kind of grape—merlot, sangiovese or cabernet.

Is the wine light and airy or full bodied and rich?

And would it be better if it was cooled just a titch?

That first glass is followed by one or two more…

uninhibited stories begin to flow by the score!

You discover little details about each other you never knew,

and the intriguing tales revealed just seem to accrue.

Wine is the truth serum that loosens the tongue,

and it works on the old as well as the young.

There’s an expression summarizing what this is all about

“In vino, veritas”—in wine, the truth will out.

So, be careful when you’re invited to imbibe—

don’t allow the evening to take you for a ride.

It’s a truth serum that may come with a cost…

don’t be done in by “in vino veritas”.

— J. Tayburn, May 2009

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