Egads! Vanity license plates abound within our community and beyond! Here are some license plate “topics” that you might enjoy.

MYFLYNBRD – A T-bird license plate

KIKSCAR – It’s a Nissan 2023 tiny SUV OR A Beach Boys reference to Fun, Fun, Fun (Till Her Daddy Took Her T-Bird Away)?

BEECH – Goes with the Beach Boys, huh?

DIRTYPOOL – License on a pool cleaning company truck!

KIDZCAR – Definitely a car-pooling mother.

CRITTRZ – This person must have many pets!

PIZANO – Could this person possibly be from Italy?

GIMP – This could be an image editing program for graphic designers/photographers or scientists.

CHEFETTE – A woman chef – of course.

WERDONE – She must be fed up with him.

WTPOOH – AWWWW! So, where’s Piglet?

BIOGIRL – Found out that this is a relatively new program to end the self-esteem crisis in adolescent girls. Seven to ten girls experience an increase in self-esteem, as well as a decrease in anxiety.

BPFLATT – Must be a musician!

JAGBIRD – License on a red Jaguar.

MAMACAR – Another car-pooling mother?

ALOA2U – Ocean, sand and leis!

PT1975 – Thank you for serving...

BOYS123 – That makes a nice family of five!

UNMUTED – Of course, this person speaks his/her mind.

KANSASCAR – How about those Chiefs?

NICEAZ – This was on a Red Corvette, no less.

RKTSHP – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road person.

STONESILENT – Is the person bashful or shy?

2PUGMOM – Let’s guess. She has two dogs?

PEEKABO – Reminds us of a childhood game, doesn’t it?

MYFNCAT – A feline person for sure.

MEEOWS – Ditto!

WEEDCO5 – License on a lawn service company truck.

PFLIP – A Disney pet dog from 1947 OR perhaps a gymnast? What is your best guess?

ROW267 – Either a seating location for a concert OR the number on the T-shirt of a rower in college.

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Send me your best guesses about these license plates and, also, any others you would like me to share in a future article. Email me at