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The SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild is pleased to announce our upcoming “I Can’t Even Draw a Stick Figure” class on Tuesday, June 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a one-hour break for lunch. Read more

A thirteen-day stay at the local Oro Valley Hospital gave me time to get to know a little about the doctors, nurses, and staff. During my stay, I realized there is more to a hospital than bric… Read more

Fran Dorr said she entered the recently held “One Image No Limits” contest hosted by the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild on a whim. “I had been researching the design approaches used by Frank Llo… Read more

SaddleBrooke’s theatre group Community Circle Players is eagerly getting ready to bring back live theatre performances. Read more

One look at Jay’s art and I had to share his story with other SaddleBrooke residents, artists, and those who are just retired, but have been there, done that, and might want to do it again. Read more

She was frail that year in the early fall, on oxygen, down to less than 100 pounds. Yet resolute and determined to talk outside the house on a bench. It was a sunlit, temperate early October d… Read more

It goes without saying that we all have moved to the state of Arizona for a multitude of reasons: the weather, the topography, the dark skies, the ability to be outdoors every day of the year … Read more

The word assassin comes from the word Hashashashin. Persian kings named their band of gangster hitmen Hashshashins, the original skilled assassins. Their job was to execute the king's politica… Read more

Suzanne Brubaker says she is challenged when coming up with ideas for new paintings. “Only occasionally does an idea just pop into my head. Often, I have to see something in a book or online o… Read more

The word sound has many uses in the English language and, interestingly, the word has several derivations, as examples: Read more

The Gift Shop Featured Artist for April is Jack Fritz, author of “A Lifetime Adventure.” With his wife, Jill, Jack recently joined the Gift Shop group. Jack has provided his own artist’s statement. Read more

The intense morning storm broke big over the old house and gravel horseshoe-shaped carriageway out front. Thick sheets of rain fell in diagonals across early, spring green grass. At dawn's ear… Read more

The take-two, make-do happy hour at the Preserve Parking Lot Pub came just in time on Tuesday, December 1. The caged-up womenfolk, at loose ends with their cantankerous old crankies hanging ar… Read more

The SaddleBrooke SilverBelles are thrilled to welcome our newest member, Shaun Herndon, to their dance team. Shaun is a very talented and accomplished performer. She has been performing all he… Read more

Art classes have resumed in the Topaz room with the proper precautions of social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer. Please see below for the upcoming scheduled classes. Contact Robbie Summe… Read more

After almost a year of no traveling or getting away, are you looking for a local post-pandemic adventure? DesertView Library has a great Travel collection to help you with your planning. Read more