Arts & Leisure

The Oracle Schools Foundation Spring Fling/Auction was a huge success, thanks to so many SaddleBrooke residents! Without you, there would be no auction, and without an auction, the Foundation … Read moreWhat a Night!

Lorna Christianson is creating this beautiful piece of fabric from the giant caterpillar that she made from leftover yarn in her stash—a lot of leftover yarn. The ever-creative Knit Wits inspi… Read moreKnit Wits

Our three-library system has a lot to offer residents of SaddleBrooke and is supported financially by Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries. Through your membership and donations, the libraries ar… Read more#HowDoYouLikeUsNow?

Yet, again, a manifold of vanity licenses has been spotted in and around our area. Is there no end to the cleverness of people? I think that you will agree that some of these are… just amazing… Read moreA License to Laugh

Come play with us every second and fourth Tuesday. We try to have about 20 players each day. We put $3 each in a pot and prizes are for the top six places. We play in the Catalina Room at the … Read morePlay Canasta