Wine Lovers

Using the axiom that ‘knowledge is power’ I thought it might be interesting to explore wine purchasing strategies. Since November, I’ve been publishing a series on tips for buying wine in vari… Read more

Using the axiom that ‘knowledge is power’ I thought it might be interesting to explore wine purchasing strategies. Over the next few months, I will be publishing a series on tips for buying wi… Read more

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2021, I’m holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed that the pandemic and all of the restrictions affiliated with the COVID outbreak will eventually wi… Read more

Over the last two months, I offered brief overviews on the wine producing regions of Bordeaux. Surprisingly, these articles elicited more positive comments than any submissions over the last s… Read more

Last month I offered a (somewhat) brief overview of the red wines from the region of Bordeaux, France. If you recall, I mentioned that 90 percent of the wines produced in Bordeaux are reds. Th… Read more

Beer Snobs

Every hobby or industry sports a unique vernacular. The world of craft beer is no exception. We have previously discussed words like, “hoppy, lager, ale and bittering,” and acronyms such as, “… Read more

Summer is sizzling in Arizona. A perfect time to escape with a chill, thirst-quenching afternoon of brewery hopping. I shared a couple of Tucson favorites recently and I will share more in the… Read more

In the world of beer, there are ales and lagers. Traditional German brewing was known for its lagers. The American craft beer scene has been dominated by ales. The simplest answer to what make… Read more

As 2019 starts to heat up, the craft brewery count in Arizona tops 100. While a majority of them are found in the larger cities, there are plenty of hidden gems across the state. I have found … Read more

I have been eagerly drinking in Tom Oetinger’s column, “Wine Lovers”. (Yes, I worked hard on that pun.) He explains wine varietals, shares monthly recommendations, and highlights local wine ve… Read more

Restaurant Reviews

To celebrate a friend’s birthday recently, I treated him to carry out at the new restaurant Posto Sano Foods (located at 6370 N. Campbell Ave., #160, kitty corner from La Encantada,) under the… Read more

Are you looking for a great restaurant for a ladies luncheon, a romantic dinner or just fantastic food? Pastiche may be the place you're looking for. While the restaurant has been in town for … Read more

A few things and a few places can stand up to the test of time. However, like fine wine, fewer things and places improve over time and the aging process enhances the spirit, the aura and the f… Read more

Yes, there is a definite “vibe” to downtown Tucson life these days. The city is cleaning up its act, new businesses are sprouting, the light rail is here to stay and traffic and parking are in… Read more