Wine Lovers

I will be submitting these brief wine recommendations to my readership on the Saddlebag Notes website a few times a month. Wines that I recommend can usually be found locally, although I may o… Read more

One of my favorite things about being involved in the wine business is the endless varieties and options that are available. Exploring different grapes, regions and even vintages keeps my inte… Read more

Restaurant Reviews

Yes, there is a definite “vibe” to downtown Tucson life these days. The city is cleaning up its act, new businesses are sprouting, the light rail is here to stay and traffic and parking are in… Read more

The Vivace/Pizzeria Vivace duo (by chef Daniel Scordato) has exited long-time digs in St. Philip’s Plaza. Vivace is now nestled in the north foothills while Pizzeria Vivace re-emerged as Scord… Read more