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As I write this column (on Tuesday, January 9), there have been a pair of Streak-backed Orioles observed 90 miles north of SaddleBrooke at the Riparian Reserve at Gilbert Water Ranch since Sun… Read moreWinter Orioles


Nature Lovers Corner Naturalists

Friday, July 15, 2022 On this morning, we watched for two-hours: the hatching of three baby chicks from their nest in our large patio pot containing a Jade plant. “Nest” is the wrong word sinc… Read moreQuail Socks

One day, several years ago, I saw a very strange looking snake crawling across a trail. It was a kingsnake, but without the yellow and black ring patterns—in fact, it had no pattern, but had p… Read moreFamiliar Strangers

Over the years, I have met far too many SaddleBrooke residents that have lost their much loved pets to a predator. Even though a resident was in the yard with his dog and had the patio lights … Read morePets and Predators