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About Saddlebag Notes

The Saddlebag Notes online provides a link to our current and past publications and additional content not found in our print publications.

Saddlebag Notes is a monthly publication of Tucson Newspapers for the residents of the SaddleBrooke community. Many articles published are submitted by community residents and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, and/or attitudes of the Saddlebag Notes staff. We assume no responsibility for the contents, although it is our policy to print factual material to the best of our knowledge. We accept letters to the editor, which are printed at the discretion of the editor and subject to space. Our mission is to print non-political articles of interest to residents - not to influence, provoke or persuade persons relating to any current issue or school of thought.

Please support our advertisers, as they support us. We cannot guarantee the quality of any purchased items or services made by the advertisers. Our Advertising manager has the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement at any time.

The cost for mailing the print version of the paper to another address is $2.50 per issue to cover postage and handling. A check payable to the Saddlebag Notes, for the desired number of months, should be mailed to Saddlebag Notes, 15930 N. Oracle Rd., #196, Tucson, AZ 85739, along with your name and where the paper is to be mailed.

For Editorial Submissions or Resident Billboard Ads, contact:

Stephanie Caffall-Smith

520-288-8481 or

Mailing Address:

Ph: 520-288-8481

For Advertising information, contact:

Carlos Gama


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